Thursday, April 9, 2009

All Chani post

Chani is my morning love bug.  She loves to snuggle around my shoulder or under my chin or in the crook of my neck. Thankfully, she's still pretty small and can curl up in a tight enough ball to fit there.  Since the weather here has turned grey, rainy and cold again, it's nice to have such a warm little purr monkey right next to me in the mornings.

On her favorite blanket, showing off pink toesies and covering her face.  So incredibly cute!


  1. Aack!!!! Attack of the adorable pink kitten toes. Too much for a Thursday morning.

  2. PS, my security word was catifty. As in two cats are all right, but I'd rather have cat-ifty. :)

  3. A snuggling kitty is such a perfect wake-up experience!

    Very cute toesies, Chani!

    Your Pals,
    Tommy and The Girls

  4. Cori, that security was purrfect! Oh gosh, bad pun! Couldn't help myself ;)

  5. Her back legs look so long!!!! I love her jelly bean toes!

  6. Chani, Chilli does that too. Mom says the vibration from her purring will keep her head healthy forever... Very cute pictures!
    Purrs, Siena