Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pic of 9 and Chani

As promised, pics of the kittens!

9 loves to sleep on his back.  I love being able to pet his belly when he does this.  I take this as a sign that he's comfortable with me and just loooooves me.

Yes, he even fell asleep while cradled in my arm.  Makes it difficult to type mind you, or get any work done.  However, this did make me extremely happy.
And I couldn't post pics of only 9.  Chani had to be in at least one of the shots.  Here they are in that lovely flame blanket... sigh... I wish that they didn't like the blanket quite so much.

Haven't really noticed if the kittens missed me much while I was gone. They were both very happy to see me and took turn sitting on me last night. Or sitting on the flaming blanket.  9 even went to sit on Chris after sitting on me. Not sure if he's being traitorous or just generous with his love. At any rate, both came into the bedroom with me when it was time for me to go to sleep. So, at least, they slept with me. Oh, and apparently, they did not sleep with Chris while I was gone.  They just slept...


  1. Sleeping on their back means they trust you and the are confident that they are in a safe area for them.

  2. Nothing says "I trust you" more than a kitty sprawled out on its back :) Especially in the second picture, 9 is the perfect example of a happy, trusting, well-loved kitty :)

  3. the first pic is soo evil it's funny. The red eyes are screaming "Do as I say. Rub my belly until I fall asleep and you will live through the night."

  4. Oh, I wish either of mine loved to be cradled like a baby!! How sweet!!!

    P.S. You looked beautiful in the wedding pictures!!

  5. Thank you, Patti :)

    As a side note, when I came home last night, Chani was in Chris' room. I walked in and 9 met me at the door. Chani quickly joined him. So, I'm pretty sure that I am still the primary receiver of 9 and Chani's love!

  6. Very cuddly photos! Our Sen-Chan always used to sleep sprawled on his back, but neither girl does, although Sei-Chan is still very young. She is Sen-Chan's half-sister so who knows?