Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunshine Kittens

Before Q passed, I got a window perch for Chris' window.  I think I mentioned before that his room gets a lot of afternoon sun.  At any rate, the perch never really 'stuck' (i.e. it kept falling off the window ledge, sometimes with Q on it), and as much as Q enjoyed being placed there, he didn't often go into Chris' room. He was usually asleep in my room under his blanket.  So, the window perch was tossed aside.

9 and Chani are a different story.  The whole apartment is their playground. Chani found the window perch and decided to plop herself down on it.  So, this past weekend, Chris reattached the window perch with extra sticky pads in the hopes that it wouldn't fall this time. So far, so good.  It's still attached. 

Plus, it was quite warm this weekend, so Chris opened his window.  Needless to say, the kittens were quite absorbed with the outside scents and sounds.  

9:  What's that over there?
Chani:  I don't know, but it sure is fascinating!

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