Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Twosome

9 and Chani curled up on the orange blanket. 9 tends to sleep on top of Chani. Not sure how Chani deals with it considering how much bigger 9 is than she.


  1. Aww what a lovely pair of kitties!!

    Im sure she will apply a bit of claw if it gets all too much for her!

  2. I love it when cats fit together like little puzzle pieces. Too cute!

  3. 9 those paw pads are the cutes! I try to sleep on Siena too, but most of the time she walks away from me then...
    Stop by tomorrow, it's Siena's first birthday and you are invited to hang out and play in the garden.
    Purrs, Chilli

  4. Oh sweet cuddling kitties...Chani looks pretty comfortable (although a bit squished) and I love how 9 is just lounging right on top of her :)