Thursday, April 2, 2009

Computer Montoring

9 and Chani love to watch my computer monitor.  In the above picture, Chani was fascinated by my World of Warcraft character running about Dalaran.  She decided that the moving images were just as cool as the laser pointer and she just had to try to catch any of them.  Now, if my monitor was one of those old heavy style monitors, I wouldn't worry too much, but since it isn't...  This could have disaster written all over it.  Thankfully, Chani is still pretty light weight, so I don't have to worry too much... yet.

9, on the other hand, is not as light weight.  And he just loooooves the pointer, or the words appearing on my IM window. He will bat at the screen. Or just flop himself down in the middle of my desk and snooze. Then, he stretches and leans up against the monitor... doesn't really help as he manages to obscure a small, but very important portion of my screen.

Ah, kitties, what would I do without you???


  1. #1 went "sigh..." when she read your post and mumbled something about all cats seeming to have the same fascination with computer displays... Or is it discriminating cats who have a Mac to play with?!


  2. Hehehehehe. Since mom doesn't play games we leave the screen alone, but we do take much interest in DVDs! The best part of the computer in our opinion is the keyboard though. We absulutely MUST walk over it several times a day.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  3. My cats could care less about the monitor but they HAVE to sit on the keyboard, or walk across it, or sleep on it, every single days...of course it always happens when I'm in the middle of some important work email :)

  4. As soon as I sit down at the desk, Olive could be asleep in another room but she somehow hears me and comes running in here. Then she's up on the desk with her butt right in my face, walking on the keyboard, etc. She's a good helper!