Thursday, April 16, 2009

Contemplative 9

I love 9.  He's the sweetest kitty and just loves everyone.  Major purr monkey.  That being said, I have to say, he's not all that bright.  Big and brawny, yes.  Smart... well, there's a reason why his nickname is Brawndo (from the movie, Idiocracy).  He hasn't figured out how to open a door that is slightly ajar.  He kind of nudges it, bats at it and then mews for me to open it, which can be difficult from where I'm usually sitting... yes, I'm taking about the bathroom door. (yes, it has occurred to me that he is technically 'training' me when I open the door for him... but really, not too bright!)

Other times, he bangs his head against the wall in his attempts to get at Chani.  Oh, and when playing with the now de-feathered Evil Feather Toy, he often gets whacked on the head with the plastic stick... doesn't phase him at all.  I worry about him sometimes...

He's funny little joy.

And he's just adorable when he sleeps too!


  1. He's a beauty!! love that sleeping picture, he does have a nice sleeping face!

  2. We actually think that sweetness is the MOST important thing! #1 wants us to tell you that, somehow, when she sees his name, she can't resist calling him "Kyu"! Too many years in Japan...

    Woofs and Purrs,
    Tommy, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan

  3. Marlene, Albert couldn't open a door to save his life. I think he and 9 would get along just great, though not if a cracked open door separated them. :op

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  5. Tommy, Tama-chan and Sei-chan, how lovely that #1 calls 9 "Kyu". I used to call Q "Q-chan" so it makes me very happy to have #1 call 9 "Kyu"!

    Cori, i agree... Albert and 9 would make quite the pair, especially since 9 is also my beefy boy, not the svelte one.

    And Martin, yes, 9 has a lovely sleeping face. Hides the dervish that he is when he's awake

  6. When I came to live with mom she had read articles abbout how to entertain cats. She found this Swiss site about cat activity boards and almost built a huge one before I was even there. She tried with a little one. Let's just say somecat hasn't figured out to use her paws and tried to squish her floofy head into every opening... I still think I'm very clever though!
    Thank you for coming to my birthday party! I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves! We will celebrate Chilli's birthday on the 15th of August, but her real date is a secret as she's a little feral from Italy.

  7. Oh, he may not be the smartest kitty in town but he is sweet :) Somehow it seems to me that boy kitties aren't necessarily the brightest...even though none of our kitties are anywhere close to becoming MENSA members, somehow the boys seem just a bit sweeter and dumber than our girl :) Move the food dish a foot from its normal place and you'll have our two bewildered boy kitties sitting and wailing while our girl runs over and starts chowing down :)

  8. It's kind of strange. Q was very very smart. When he was kenneled at this one place, he figured out how to open up his cage, so when the staff would come into the kennel in the morning, he would go dashing out the door. It's very different having 9 now. But, it's lovely at the same time. Somehow, I see Q looking at 9, paw to face and just shaking his head with chuckles