Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday 'Tude

Chani, posing and showing me that she is the Queen of all she surveys..

Quick little funny story about 9.  Q in his later life had this tendency to use the toilet as a starting point to leap up onto bathroom counters.  So, I quickly got used to closing the toilet seat.  Trained Chris to do the same when we became roommates (and reminding company to do the same... well, they have to be trained too).  At any rate, after Q passed, I still closed the toilet seat cover.

Now, 9 is just starting to use the toilet as a launch pad.  (Can anyone else see where this is going?).  This morning, after I stood up (sorry for the detail!) but before I could close the lid, 9 hopped up onto the toilet and sprawled himself around the edges, catching himself before he fell in.  I quickly scooped him up in my arms and closed the lid.  Of course, I was giggling the entire time too.  And as I was scooping him up, I kept thinking, "Darn it!  I wish I could have captured that on film!"


  1. Trust me the mental image was there. Cat sprawled over toilet seat. Too Funny. :) Good catch by the way!

  2. Guess what? The same thing happened to me with my previous cat, Sen-Chan, when he was a kitten, but he did not catch himself and he fell right in... I'll leave you to imagine the rest!


  3. I just realized I should have named today's post: Tuesday 'Tude and Toilet. hehe... ah well

  4. What a neat anecdote! Now mom feels right about training everyone to close the lid!
    Purrs to you:

  5. Thank you for your suppawt! Mom is relying entirely on CB voters, she's just too straight... Today is the last chance to vote! Anyways, I'll go down with my floofy tail raised high! ; )
    Purrs, Siena