Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sleepy time

Another shot of 9 in the black chair.  He's still pretty small (inaccurately weighed in at about 6 lbs) but he's growing a lot.  It's amazing how they suddenly have a growth spurt and you can really notice the size difference.  I kind of wish I saw what 9 and Chani looked like when they were tiny (8 weeks old or so), but that won't happen.  I don't think the rescue place has pictures of them at that age.  At any rate, I'm enjoying them immensely.

When I started looking to adopt kittens, I really wanted tiny babies.  I wanted to recreate what I had with Q (I'll have to post some of the pictures of him at that age... one day, I shall).  But, in the weeks that followed me adopting 9 and Chani, I was so glad that they were bigger (especially 9) because I could pick them up and give them hugs with my whole arms.  I could cradle them kind of like I did with Q.  And honestly, I love hugging kitties.

Strange how you get exactly what you need sometimes...

This is a heated bed that I bought for Q, but he never used. When I first brought Chani home, she was a little confused and deposited a 'present' in it for me to find later...  Now, though, she uses it as it is meant to be used.  9 hasn't used it at all.  So, it's Chani's property.  In looking at the picture, it seems like Chani's body is stretching out, as if her body is finally catching up to the size of her head.


  1. Yes, life has a way of giving you what you need, which is not always what you thought you wanted! When I got Sen-Chan, I had initially wanted a ruddy Aby and found myself with a sorrel whom I loved more than I thought was possible. And then I thought I had a sorrel boy kitten and Sei-Chan has turned out to be a girl! All FUN!

    Lovely picture both!


  2. Oh, but I do love big-headed kittens. :)

  3. It is amazing to "see" them grow. Siena will turn 1 year in a few days already. Chilli is becoming huge too.

  4. The black chair really shows off 9's markings. He's such a pretty boy!

    I'm glad Chani figured out the proper use of the bed!!!! Little goofball!