Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sweaters on a Tuesday

Let's just start this off by saying, I am NOT a knitter.  I can knit scarves and hats, but not very well.  I can't read a knitting pattern to save my life.  These 'sweaters' are merely two rectangular patches that have been sewn up on the sides with holes left for their front paws. Nothing special.

However, I am an ardent costumer for my kitties.  Poor Q had to suffer the indignity of dressing up time every Halloween and whenever I felt like it for the last 8 years of his life.

I figure, I should start training 9 and Chani early for this little practice.  I can't wait for Halloween!


  1. I.LOVE.THEM!!!! Especially the fuzzy pink one. So fantastically awesome!

  2. Yikes! I imagine I would be a real wriggle worm if #1 tried that on me!


  3. I think you know what my comment would be if I chose to type it...But I will just type the obligatory "No Comment...", as I am sure you know what I am thinking about these particular photos... :P

    Mikey Awesome

  4. She looks so girly in her pink sweater. And he looks handsome in his masculine one!

  5. Oh noes! Come on Chani, I KNOW youu're silky and slender enough to wriggle yourself out of that!!!

  6. Love how Chani gets the hot pink sweater and 9 gets the blue one :)