Friday, February 1, 2013

Marlene is recovering

And not taking photos of us!!! How wrong is that?

OH, and she is very stubborn. She has been going to work, walking from the train station to the office.  Last Thursday, she used her crutches and was mentally cursing with every step. Last Friday, she worked from home. The weekend, she gave up on crutches but kept her ace bandage on her foot.

This week, she bought a new ankle brace and has been wearing that. She is complaining that her foot is stiff (yes, our mom is very impatient) and she is getting tired of wearing her brace.

What are we three kitties supposed to do? In bed, 9 tries to get her to stop moving by lying on her injured foot or on her scraped up knee. Mom does NOT appreciate that. Chani tries to cuddle under her arms which Mom does appreciate, but then Mom can't move very well.

As for Sheamus Popoki, he just lies off to the side of her, on his back exposing his belly. This, of course, makes Mom get up, disturb Chani, move 9 and she pets the orange floofball's belly.

Seriously, if she didn't provide us with Salmon flavored kibble and other lovely treats, we would protest a great deal more.


  1. Sounds to me like your human is milking this injury! Well, as long as she is dishing up the treats, it is not too terrible of her.

  2. Posting no pictures is definitely wrong. You will punish your Mom in due time. The stiffness is a common problem and your mom shoud definitely do some exercise for it. Please send her our purrs! Siena & Chilli