Friday, February 22, 2013

My beloved Q who came before

I have been a bit emotional and weepy this past week. Q who came before kept coming to mind, and I really missed him a lot. Took me until last night to figure out why.

I was lying in bed looking at my calendar and realized that 9 and Chani's Gotcha day was coming up which then reminded me about Q's crossing of the Rainbow Bridge. You see, Q crossed the Bridge two weeks before I adopted 9 and Chani. Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of the day I had to let go of my best friend.

As the realization was hitting me, 9 was busy crawling onto my chest, showing me his backside and curling up to sleep on me.

9 is definitely my sweet, sensitive boy who can read my feelings best.

I miss you, Q. Thank you for sending 9 (and Chani and Sheamus Popoki) to me.


  1. Hugs from all of us. We totally understand missing those who are no longer with us.

  2. THose days are hard to forget. we are sending you purrs for your sweet memories!

  3. My human does not remember the exact day she lost the cat before me. And she prefers it that way. But she does know it was some time this month - 11 years. ago.

  4. It's always a little strange to read about Q because to me, somehow, 9 is also Q and so he is still very much with you!