Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

So, remember when Mom was plotting out Halloween costumes this year and sewed Chani's costume by hand?  I have to admit, Sheamus Popoki and I totally laughed when Chani had to wear hers. However, it took a lot of work to sew Chani's costume by hand and so, Sheamus and I thought we were safe when Mom did not get our costumes done in time...

 And then Christmas came... And Mom received a sewing machine. After a few tries, Mom got it working... Here is the result:

I know I look sad here, but Mom says it's the way my features just form. I'm soulful. But... well, I think the picture speaks for itself.

Sigh, there was just no stopping her... So, I posed nicely and let her take photos. Chani checked me out and you know she was snickering in the background.

Sigh... the indignity...

Hi everyone, Sheamus Popoki here. This is the first time Mom has dressed me up properly. She didn't quite get the tail part right. And part of me thinks she was punishing me. She says she wasn't, but she was also giggling while taking photos. Oh, and this was the day before the angry meow day. She thinks she might have stepped on part of me when that happened but couldn't tell because of her ankle being all messed up. And she really thinks it was only fur that she stepped on. Still, I did have to tell her what for that day! Oh, thank you to everyone who asked if I was hurt from wrestling or having a tummy ache. Mom has checked me out and I'm just fine. Tuesday night, I let Mom cuddle me and on Wednesday, I did roll over again and get tummy rubs. AND I greeted Mom when she came home.

Anyhow, I settled down wearing the costume and just waited for her to take it off.

As you can see, the tail isn't quite right. I think I heard her muttering something about designing patterns better for our next costumes and how much fun it will be to sew. Sigh...
On the plus side, we did get lots of treats for this. Including Chani who didn't have to wear hers. Seems kind of unfair to us boys.

Teehee...  I, Chani, am a very happy girl. The scales are certainly balanced now.

Happy Chinese New Year's Friends. Happy Year of the Snake!!!


  1. Oh no, your human said the terrible words "next time"?! Gah.

  2. How much food your mom pay you guys to do this ?...MOL

  3. Chinese Dragons for New Years! very appropriate!

  4. Happy Year of the Water Snake to all of you! We are SO glad #1 does not sew!!!

    The Chans

  5. A belated happy new year to all! The snake costumes are a hoot. You boys are so tolerant :)