Friday, January 25, 2013

Marlene is injured

Greetings furiends! 9 here with an update. On the one paw, we are pleased that Mom got to work from home for 2 days this week. On the other paw, we are sad that she is hurt and gets a little testy when we want to sit on her feet (9 and Sheamus Popoki in particular)

Wondering what we are talking about? Well, here you go.

Here is what Mom's foot looked like Tuesday night.

You see, on Tuesday morning, Mom displayed her typical lack of grace (I mean seriously, humans are typically not graceful but Mom took the cake on this one). You see, as Mom left her car and crossed a road to get to her morning commuter train, she happened to NOT avoid a little pothole/divot in the road that she usually avoids. BOOM! Left ankle twisted, right knee scraped up.

She contemplated not going to work as she tried to rush out of the way of more commuters in their cars coming to the train station to park. But then decided that she would try to walk off the injury.

Usually, she can, but this time it was pretty bad and she spent most of the hour long train ride trying not to cry while taking deep breaths. Fortunately, she sort of napped (showing that she can learn something from us cats) and wasn't in too much pain on that ride. And then, she went to work, walked from the train station to the office (about a mile long walk). AND could not walk the injury off. Ouch ouch ouch...

Now, Mom is usually pretty smart, but this time, she displayed a remarkable lack of common sense. Silly Mom.

So, at night, Grandpa and Grandma came over and took Mom to the minor injury clinic. There,she got her foot x-rayed (no breaks or fractures, hooray!), her right knee cleaned up, her left ankle wrapped up and some new crutches

Here is a photo of how her ankle looked Wednesday night.
Lovely swollen toes with that swollen ankle, yes? You can see why she kept 'kicking' me off of her foot and the pillow on which her foot was propped.

And here is her foot last night. It looks a lot better!
Mom worked from home on Wednesday which made us happy. She went into the office yesterday but once again worked from home today. Thankfully, her art director let her work from home (the company is moving offices today so everyone is working for half a day in the office and half the day at home) and he didn't want her to waste time commuting and walking from the train station to the office for only half a day. This way, she can get a lot more work done. Oh, and Mom doesn't know the bus schedule or system plus she hates buses, so she would rather walk instead of take the bus to the office. AND she really dislikes crutches. They slow her down too much, she says. We know this is the point and that she needs the support, but Mom is stubborn.

Her ankle is much less swollen, but is a bit more achy today than it was before. Oh, and she can now see a bruise on the side of her foot.

At any rate, we are happy to have her home with us, and we are doing our best to help her heal. Wishing you all a happy and safe and healthy weekend!


  1. At least your human did not hurt herself too badly - she should be ALL better shortly! My human actually STEPPED on Binga's foot and tripped on the steps this morning! Of course, I was WAY more concerned about Binga's well-being than my human's - I went running after her to make sure she wasn't hurt too badly! But both of them were okay after a couple of minutes, plus my human apologized profusely to Binga, as well she should have!

  2. We are sending healing purrs and prayers to your Mom for her foot. A sore foot is terrible. We know cause our Mom has one that stays sore!

  3. Oh my goodness, poor Mom! We are all sending our best healing purrs for the "all better" to return quickly.

  4. Ouch! WE have been following this on FB. The best thing of course, would be for your Mom not to go to work at all until it is all better!

    The Chans

  5. Your poor Mommy!!!! Please make sure she is really patient with this stuff. Our mom sprained her ankles a lot and it takes quite some time to heal. Also, she should ask for some exercises for when the foot is better to get it back to its full flexibility. Oh my, please send her our purrs, we know how much this s%'#$.