Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Friend, Buddy the Corgi!

Hi Everyone, Thank you for your kind words the other day. We were able to get Mom out of her funk and she is doing much better. So much so, that she went out and took photos of a DOG!

Shocking, we know. But, we let her do this on occasion because we know that one day Mom would like to be a pet photographer and she needs to practice a lot.

So, let us present to you, Buddy the Corgi. Now we may have mentioned or Mom has mentioned that she just loves Welsh Corgis. Especially Pembroke Welsh corgis. We have no idea why, but she just does. Fortunately, one of her pottery friends is owned by this cute guy.

 I guess he is cute for a dog.

He did pose rather well too.

Mom hopes to use these photos a reference for when she starts painting and drawing Corgis.

OH! And she started to do more work on 9's Om kitty painting. We think this one will be pretty darn cute. She just needs a few more hours a day so she can do more painting! Oh, and we heard her thinking aloud about taking a week off of work and just painting. Now, that would be fun for us and for her!


  1. I can tell your mom's painting will be pawsome !!!
    Can't wait to see when it's done !

  2. We didn't know that your mom loves Corgis - OURS TOO! We surprise her from time to time sneakingly looking at corgi pup ads. But she thinks they are not exactly beginners dogs, so we might be spared from that.