Monday, October 1, 2012

Man Cat Monday

Ahem, it is I, 9. As the big brofur, I am entitled to start off this post. I am the man cat of the house, of course. You know, humans often take photos of themselves using a cellphone camera or desktop camera and end up with results like above. I'm pretty talented, aren't I? Hehehe... Even without opposable thumbs and relatively short arms, I got a very nice shot of myself.

Now, Mom took this photo of me. I still love to sit in boxes.

Oh, and here I am with my brofur, Sheamus Popoki. I really do love my brofur. He and I romp together and generally have a good time wrestling. I guess I shall let him talk a bit.

Zzzzzzzzzzz... Huh? Oh, I need to talk. But I am so sleepy! And I'm so comfy here on the couch that compliments my orange fur so well.  Zzzzzzzzzz...

Oh yes, I love to sleep with my brofur, 9. He grooms me and I groom him too. We're good that way. Zzzzzzzz...


  1. You two are so cute sleeping together!

  2. I don't think we kitties EVER outgrow boxes!

  3. ALL the photos are wonderful, and you are careful loving and wonderful brothers!

    The Chans