Friday, October 12, 2012

Flashback Friday

I decided to look at some old photos of 9 and Chani. Do you remember when they were this small? I can hardly believe it.
Chani looked so paranoid when I first adopted her. She's calmed down so much. She's kind of prissy and quite sassy, but to me, she is my little princess who I just adore.

They were so tiny and their fur hadn't darkened yet. I remember how they used to snuggle together. Not too much of that happens these days. 9 tends to snuggle with Sheamus Popoki. I'm not sure if Chani is grumpy because of that or the fact she has to share me and our house with two others. She doesn't really want to play with either of the boys. In fact, she tends to hiss and growl at them when they (I mean 9. Sheamus tends to avoid Chani because she tends to whap him in the head for no reason but that he was sitting next to her or is within whappable distance) want to have a good round of THoE. However, I'm not sure how much of her hissing and growling is her being truly upset or her just putting on a show. She is cunning and quite capable of getting 9 into trouble on purpose. Once, 9 and Chani were walking by my parents. 9 just put a paw on her and Chani dramatically fell over. My parents started scolding 9, saying "Be nice to Chani, 9!" as Chani got up and walked away as happy as could be and totally not hurt.  I was shocked and then, just had to chuckle. Oh, and right after I adopted both of them, 9 got in trouble for pouncing on Chani. He got scolded while Chani watched. After the scolding, 9 walked by Chani who proceeded to whap 9. 9 chased her around and she ran off. Fortunately, I saw what she did and told her, "Hey, you started that one. It's all your fault and 9 is not going to get into trouble."

Yes, I talk to my cats as if they understand me completely.

9 always had that serious look. Despite his antics, 9 has always been my main comforter and just plain sweetie pie. He can read my emotions better than any other cat and always knows when I need a cuddle. Truly, it was a blessed day when 9 chose me to adopt him. I remember holding him for the first time and 9 licking my arm. He really knew that I needed him as much if not more than he needed me.

And of course, I have to put in a kitten picture of Sheamus Popoki. He had a bit of an eye infection in this photo, but it cleared up. I am very happy to this boy with me too. A sweetie, a bit dim, but cuddly in a way that neither 9 nor Chani are. For some reason, neither 9 nor Chani like it when I try to hug them while in bed. Both squirm and run away. Sheamus Popoki is more like Q who came before that way. He lets me hug him and pet him and snuggle. When I come home from work, 9 may be the first to greet me, but Sheamus Popoki always rolls on his side and back, presenting his tummy for rubs. It's adorable and reminds me of Q who came before who always rolled over on his back for a variety of reason.

And finally, a picture of Q who came before. I miss him still and it's been over 3 years.  Fortunately, 9, Chani and Sheamus Popoki do distinct things that all remind me of him. It took 3 cats to help fill the Q sized hole in my heart.

Thank you for indulging me this flashback moment! Much more wordy that I usually am.


  1. Lovely pictures! All of your babies are adorable. I still miss my pug, Winifred, daily though she died 5 years ago. It becomes less painful, but you still think of them. We're lucky to love them and be loved by them, so much that it leaves a space that never goes away.