Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chani's perch

Chani has two spots in the closet. The lower one where the pajamas are in a bin and the upper one. I had to put a blanket there just for her. I guess it is good that I don't share the closet with any other humans. Sigh...

As for Chani, she's quite pretty while she lounges on the green blanket.

But, she does have to look down below to make sure that Sheamus Popoki minds his manners and doesn't try to sleep on the pajamas... That is also her place, after all. And she must have them both! Although, I did find 9 sitting under her on the pajamas, trying to whap her from below. He was not successful. AND I had to get them both down before they hurt themselves or broke something...


  1. How come our closet is not as neat as yours? I need my own spot there, but there is barely enough room for a kitty to turn around!

  2. Chani, you are a lucky girl to ave your own closet shelf and blanket!

  3. Your closet looks so tidy! Chani looks quite regal in her spot.