Monday, October 29, 2012

Chani dresses up and more

 Hello furiends,

Last year, Mom bought us costumes. I got a witch's hat and 9 got a funky orange and black collar. Mom also bought this dress that she decided was simply adorable. When it came time to take photos of us in our outfits, Mom could not find the dress at all. Now, I'm not saying who hid the dress, but it was out of sight til long after Halloween.

Flash forward to last night. The San Francisco Giants won the World Series. Yay! So, Mom decided to see if she could find a Giants' tshirt that she bought years ago for Q who came before. As she was looking for the tshirt, she found my dress. Yes, she made me wear it.

Sigh... I sulked for a little bit, but then started acting normally again. Mom says that she worries about me being cold (yes, here in California, she worries about me being cold...), so it's a good thing that I'm so good at being dressed up. The thing is, that logic sort of fails since the only part of me that seems really cold are my ears and this dress is a sun dress! Silly, that is what Mom is.

Oh, and she never found the Giants tshirt. She thinks she might have given it away shortly after we moved to our condo. Too many memories of Q who came before and she wanted to try to let go of a small part of that grief.

AND as for the boys, Mom is definitely up to sewing their costumes. Hehe... Soon they shall feel my pain! Muwahahaha!

Can you guess which boy gets which color?

Maniacally purringingly yours,


  1. We have that same dress! My human made Binga wear it last year, and she did not even care! It was too big for me and besides, it clashed with my fur.

  2. Can't wait to see you in your costumes!

  3. dressing up is fun.. even if it just laughing at the humans in weird clothes! ha ha purr Love Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley xxx

  4. Hmm, did Sheamus end up getting the one in green?