Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, 9!

Yes, dear friends, it is my darling 9's  4th birthday today. Actually, I'm not sure when exactly he was born, but I know it was some time in October. And since October 25th is my uncle's birthday, my good friend's birthday and the birthday I gave Q who came before, this is a good day for 9's birthday as well.

Tonight, we shall be celebrating with some fresh new treats and maybe some expensive canned food. Anything goes for my sweet, lovely, soulful boy!


  1. Happy birthday, 9! It sounds like you will be having a great birthday feast!

  2. Otanjyobi Omedeto, 9-Chan (whom I always call Kyu-Chan somehow...)

    Hope you get lots of treats and even more cuddles!

  3. Happy birthday, 9! May there be lots of treats in your near future :)