Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ah Maui, how I love thee!

This is the view from our hotel. At sunset, every night, there is a torch lighting and diving ceremony from the rocks. It may not look very high, but it is. Not being a fan of heights, I could never jump from that height unless it was really, really important.

Yesterday was spent visiting relatives and friends. Some of our friends had woofies like the one above.

this very friendly pit bull and...

Napoleon, the French bull dog. It's amazing how strong this little guy is. Apparently, he can pull the pit bull all over the yard when playing tug of war. I saw him run... talk about powerfully built! Pretty sweet dog too :D

Finally, a flower from my Uncle's garden. The gradation from white to hot pink just thrills me here.

Will be visiting my Aunt tonight, so I hope to get some photos of Patchy the dog and Mika the cat tonight!


  1. THat is a nice view! pretty flower and sweet dogies!

  2. I'm not going to be jealous. I'm not going to be jealous. I'm not going to be jealous. I'm not going to be jealous. I'm not going to be jealous.

    No good. I'm jealous. Gorgeous views, cute pets (for googies, says Grey), stunning flora. *sigh*

  3. That cliff looks so small compared to how high it actually is!!!! We stayed at the hotel right there back in 2004. The torch lighting and cliff diving is beautiful. Aw, I am in withdrawal. I said I would go back in five years, but it is going on 6. Ugh. Have a GREAT time!

  4. That's a desert rose! I have them growing here at my beach house in South Kona! :-)