Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sleeping places

As you have seen, Chani and I have basically taken over the couch. I tend to vary my sleeping places, but Chani... she's a dedicated couch potato. Above is her "please, gently pet my belly or kiss my chin" position.

Other times, she just curls up and smiles. I wonder what she's dreaming about. She just won't tell me.

As for me, I like sleeping on Mom. Comfy lap here.

But! The best place so far is the cable box. I loooove sleeping there. Mom doesn't know why, but Grandpa thinks it's the heat that the box produces. I'm not telling them that it's because I look so striking there. The contrast of the black box and my shiny white fur is quite amazing after all.

And Mom just made me post that human's picture. Apparently, she has a huge "crush" on him and is constantly watching MI-5 season 7 just because he's in it. Sometimes, I think she lies on the couch just to watch this bean rather than being a comfy warm pillow for Chani and me.

Should I be jealous?

purrs and head butts,


  1. You have some great sleeping places. We would think the cable box would be hard but warm

  2. You kitties can always make any place look comfortable enough to sleep!