Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Maui pets

Today, we visited the Maui Ocean Center. Lots of pretty tropical fish and other displays of the sea's beauty and majesty.

This angel fish had the longest upper fin thingy. I was surprised the image actually turned out considering the lighting conditions (inside a darkened aquarium, no flash).

Baby sea turtles!!! These were about one year old. Apparently, they do not reach sexual maturity til they are 25 years old! Crazy! I just love sea turtles. I took a ton of photos of them because I needed some reference images for when I start painting sea turtles on my pottery again.

Ok, onto my Aunty's woofie and kitty. Above you see Patches. He's very very friendly and loves to give kisses. Pity I am not that fond of woofie kisses. But, he's a sweetie and very energetic as you can see. It was kind of hard to get a good picture of him that was clear and in focus.

And this is Mika. She's a doll. Not very keen on strangers in great quantity or of Patches' barking, but she is ok one on one. I got her purring a couple of times when it was just the two of us.

She did a little bit of posing for me. Something about her face makes her look grumpy, but I think she can be quite sweet too as she did purr for me and let me pick her up a couple of times.

Next stop, Honolulu!


  1. beautiful fishes. Turtles are fun to watch. Mika is a beauty and patches looks like a happy doggie!

  2. Ummmm... I like woofie kisses... would be more than glad to give them to Patches if only my boss would pay me to go to Hawaii.

    Did I mention I am not jealous? And that I am a big, big liar! ;-)

  3. Baby sea turtles!!! Wow, I had no idea they took 25 years to reach sexual maturity. I guess that makes sense since they outlive most species by several orders of magnitude ...