Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Passing on the award

Well, first I need to pass on this award. I know I'm supposed to pass it on to 5 people, but really, I only have a few in mind. I wanted to give it to the Poupounette but they received it from someone else...

So, here are the people I want to give this award to:
1) Ginger Jasper
2) Harry Spotter
3) The Adventures of Space Paws
4) Kittitas

And here is Oscar, my friend's brother's wiener dog. He's sooo cute! He's very bonded to his Daddy and so usually, there are bean legs in photos of Oscar. But, this time, no bean legs!


  1. Thank you so much for giving me the award. I am lucky to get this twice but count that as a double blessing. Mum is ging to post about it asap. Thank you .. I love thewoofie pictures.. So cute.. Hugs GJ xx

  2. Thanks, Marlene, 9, and Chani! I think we'll use this the same way you have -- to tell a little more about the kitties in our lives. Creative idea, you guys!