Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wait... What???

Today, Mom dressed Chani and me up in hats that she bought last year in Hawaii. As you can see, I'm not the best model. And Mom had help to pose me.

Even Chani wasn't that good a model this time.

But, the worse was yet to come! She loaded us into our carriers and took us to the Kitty Hotel! What's going on??? We had no notice at all.

What do you mean she's heading off to Hawaii for the next 10 days? WAAAAAAH!

Oh well, I guess we shall have to have a good time with Tammy who owns the Kitty Hotel. I plan to give her a lot of head butts so I can make Mom jealous.

See you when Mom gets back!


Chani sends her purrs to you as well... but not to Mom!


  1. ROFL!! You go away, then come back... I go on, uhhhhh, hiatus... I come back... you go away again!

    You are one traveling woman. Ireland and Hawaii within months? I'm just livin' wrong! ;-)

    It was fun scrolling back to catch up with you and the kittens (see, being a bad blogger/blog friend is rewarded... hahaha!).

  2. Oh do we empathise ith you! #1 is about to abandon us for 4 whole weeks, but at least we fet to stay at home...

  3. WE will miss you! Have fun at the hotel with Tammy!