Monday, June 21, 2010

Portrait time!

Chani looks lovely in pink.

9 practices his Zen-meditation...

re: Pink Blankie of Doom... I have a weird sense of humor. Back in the day, at our old place, we had a roommate who had a horrendous orange flaming blanket that the kitties used. This combined with a great appreciation of the cartoon Invader Zim in which the word "doom" was mentioned frequently resulted in all blankies being described as "Color" + Blankie + of Doom... So that blanket was called the Flaming Orange Blankie of Doom. Since we are no longer living with that roommate, I made Chani a Pink Blankie of Doom and 9 an Aqua Blankie of Doom.

Hope that answers your question!


  1. How fun! Now we understand! Great pictures!

  2. Love the portraits! Thanks for explaining the blankie of Doom!

  3. Ahhhh fun story. I love it when people share those family-specific "how this came to be" things :)