Monday, May 3, 2010

At long last!!! The Dwindling Box Jungle and our new digs

Finally, I get to post! We had to give Mom a tremendous amount of gentle reminders that you all out in blog land want to see us and how we are adjusting to our new home. This past weekend, Mom had a pottery sale, a wedding to attend AND a surprise birthday party. Talk about not giving us our proper due attention. However, we forgave her.

Here I am in my cat cup that is on a computer desk positioned perfectly under our bedroom window. I'm a gorgeous kitty I know. Unfortunately, Mom has moved the desk back into the dining room/office for this black and white keyed thingy she hasn't played on in a couple of years and there was a strange stain on the cat cup pad. She took it apart to wash and hasn't done that yet. Goodness, she is so crazy busy.

Here are more pictures of Grandma's living room. All of those pieces are now in our condo (except some pottery) and Grandma has a nice clear living room again. She's happy though she misses us. Grandpa misses us too, but he comes in to visit us as often as he can. It's nice that he has a key to the condo. We miss them too. 9 always goes up to visit with Grandma and Grandpa when they visit. I play a little hard to get. But, Grandpa always makes sure to pick me up and pet me.
So, how about some photos of us in our new condo!

Here is 9 checking out some stairs that lead down into the sunken living room.

Here is our specially built eating area. It's pretty nice! Mom has since lined it and will paint it eventually. But, for right now, it's just peachy (yes, a bad pun, I know!)

Here I am checking out some tools that Phil left. Boy, he made a lot of noise when he visited. We always hid when he was here but came out to explore as soon as he was gone!

9 hid in the kitty condo when Phil was here. He wanted to use his laser eyes, but didn't come out at all. When he did come out, he ran immediately to our bedroom... And speaking of bedrooms, here it is!!!
Mom has her lovely purple bedroom and bed set. It's sooo nice sleeping with her in a big Queen sized bed! So much room to push Mom around on while she sleeps.

Mom promises to post more now that we're getting settled. After all, she has to show you the office, the living room and the guest bedroom...


  1. Hi...not much left until everything is done!

    * nice condo & comfy condo to live ;)

  2. Lookin' good! How wonderful to have a special kitty eating area ~ lucky kitties!

  3. I've missed you two! Congratulations to you and your mommie. Your new home is lovely.

  4. Oh, boy, so good to see you (and the condo) again!! Some real progress there, guys... and I'm so happy you have a nice roomy bed to share!! :-)

  5. We have missed you! Thanks for sharing your condo pictures with us!

  6. Yay! Looks like you guys are all settling in quite nicely...the new condo sounds lovely!

  7. And that's their purple bedroom, right? I'm sure they get their own room. :)