Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ireland - Day 2

Today was a day for driving. We started with a walking tour of Waterford and then headed to Killarney. On the way, we drove through Dungarvan (photo of the Dungarvan harbor above).

We were supposed to have stopped at the Waterford Crystal factory, but it has closed. High salaries and the bad economy closed the famous factory. It's been bought out and the operation to create the crystal has been moved to the Czech Republich (I think). At any rate, if you have Waterford Crystal with the Waterford seahorse on the bottom, it will probably become a collector's item now.

Above is a dog being walked in Cobh (pronounced "Cove"). Lovely place where the Titanic launched from and where many of the Irish emmigrants to the U.S, Australia, Canada and other places left.

Blarney Castle. Yes, I kissed the most unhygenic tourist attraction ever. Not sure if it has given me the gift of the gab, considering I am already quite a talker as it is...

Beautiful red maple on the Blarney Castle grounds.

View of the manor outside Blarney Castle. I believe the owners of this area (they own the Blarney Woolen Mills too) live here.

Lovely woofie outside the Blarney Woolen Mills. This dog was very well behaved and posed quite nicely.

Paddywagon Tour bus. No, I'm not on this tour, but the name cracked me up.

Finally, a shot of the Methodist Church in Killarney, and my view from my hotel window (Killarney Avenue Hotel).