Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ireland - Day 4

Meet Colleen of Molanna View Farm near Killarney. She's and 18 year old retired shepherding dog who greets you as you visit the Farm. Molanna View Farm is a working dairy farm run by Patrick. The tourist part is run by his parents, Paddy and Margaret Fenton. I highly recommend visiting this farm if you ever visit Ireland. Margaret offers some of the best homemade scones and this Guinness cake that is simply amazing. Her tea is good too. One day, when I get back, I'll post those recipes which were kindly provided for us. Yum!

Here are a couple of calves who were resting outside the family home. Apparently, if cows are sitting in the field, it's going to rain. It may be an urban legend, but considering the grey skies, it might just be true. These guys were adorable! They looked so clean and their pink noses reminded me of 9 and Chani's.

Here's a little brook that runs right down the wall of the Molanna View Farm.

Next, we visited the Rock of Cashel. In view is a ruined Cistercian Abbey.

Some sheep running around outside the Rock.

The Rock itself.

Another view from the Rock. The graveyard here holds the remains of local families, but as one might guess, the space is limited. In the early 20th Century, the town wanted to stop burying people here, but the relatives of the buried wanted to be buried with their families. And so, they compromised. Two more generations can be buried here. The succeeding generations will be buried elsewhere.

Strangely, I haven't seen any pet cats about to take photos of. Makes me kind of sad :( This painting at the Rock House (down the road from the Rock of Cashel) had to do. Yes, I'm really starting to miss 9 and Chani. But, I'm still enjoying myself here!