Thursday, April 22, 2010


No pictures yet. The external hard drive died again, so Mom will have to replace it AND this time, transfer data and not use it again!

This does mean that she will have to reinstall her favorite MMORPG World of Warcraft as soon as she finds the discs. Sigh...

But, we have forgiven her the stress she put us through. We've been sleeping with her quite comfortably in our typical spots. 9 stays between her feet at the foot of the bed while I snuggle next to her under her arm. It's quite warm and comfy there.

She will post pictures one day!


  1. LOL. Good luck with all of that!!! Glad you have forgiven poor mom.

  2. WE are glad you have forgiven Mom and are sleeping with her again.

  3. Those annoying drives! Glad you guys are having your snuggle time with Mom again. Sounds like life has been full of adventures with all the recent visitors!

  4. Oh, I soooo sympathize! 'Puter problems here too! So glad you are all snuggling again!