Friday, May 14, 2010

Marlene's trip

9 and Chani were not too happy to go to the Kitty Hotel. They hissed at the cage, at the towel, at each other. I'm sure they will calm down soon enough, but I feel such guilt! Yes, I shall have to find some lovely toys or treats for them in Ireland.

Currently, I'm sitting at the Atlanta airport waiting for my connecting flight to Dublin. I have a 3 hour layover and have managed to waste one of those hours paying bills, eating some really bad for me deep fried food at TGI Fridays.

I've been ogling some rolling bags that might fit under the seat in front of me AND carry my camera and my laptop and such... I don't mind carrying my laptop about, BUT it makes my back pack so heavy.


Can't wait to get to Ireland. Do I need to post photos of the Atlanta airport?


  1. Thank you I have seen the Atlanta airport. It is not an experience I want to repeat! Have a great trip!

  2. Have a great trip and take lots of pictures of the beautiful scenery...and the beautiful men! ;o)

  3. Enjoy Ireland! Hugs to Chani and 9 -- don't worry, kitties! Your mom will be back.

  4. We pray you have a safe journey... :)

    Chani and 9 - mummy will be back soon ;)

    Take care

  5. We hope the weather in Ireland will be as sunny as it is here in France.