Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Tidings

9 and Chani have settled in to my parents' house quite nicely. They've even found the best seat in the house and are attempting to take it over. Unfortunately for them, my dad is quite possessive of HIS chair. Still, they do try.

Things are going pretty smoothly here. Living out of a box is not all that fun, but it's only temporary. I can handle it! And it gives the kitties something to experience. Lately, 9 has been showing off his jumping prowess, both vertically and horizontally. This means that all of us have to do a little de-cluttering so that the kitties don't hurt themselves or the stuff on the tabletops, dresser tops, countertops... you get the picture.

I tell you, keeping both 9 and Chani off of the dining room table is next to impossible! Oh, and 9 really enjoys sharing some of my dad's cereal in the morning. We really have to watch him closely or he'd be eating everyone's food!

Still, I'm very thankful that my parents have let me move back in with them for this short time AND that they love having the kittens with them. (Mom has definitely shown a marked preference for 9... oh! and he slept next to her yesterday afternoon, on his back cradled between her and the armrest of her chair... talk about kissing up! Dad has the photographic evidence. I shall post that in the future.)


  1. We're happy to read that you are well settled, even temporarily. We hope this will give you the energy and space to move to the next step!

  2. So glad that the little ones have made themselves perfectly at home :-) Grandparents are the best! Can't wait to see the photo of 9 "kissing up" to grandma...I bet they're both loving it :-)

  3. Yay for your parents, Marlene! 9 and Chani are lucky to have understanding grandparents! The "interim" can be tough, but it'll be worth it!