Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quick note!

Hi All,

Not to be self-promoting, but I am :). I've added a new link onto my blog that will lead you to my new CafePress shop that displays some items with my Abstract Primitive designs. Please, feel free to browse and such. Would love to hear what you think about what I've got up there (right now, only 3 products, hope to add more in the next few days/weeks and beyond).

The store name is SanQ Designs. The meaning is not "sans Q". It's something quite different. Here's a little explanation.

When I was living in Japan, a friend came up with "3 Q" for "Thank you". There is no "th" sound in Japanese, so any word that begins with "th" is kind of pronounced with an "s" sound instead. So, "Thank you" would sound like: "Sank you". Said quickly you would have: "Sankyuu". Now, "3" in Japanese is pronouced, "san". So, my friend would write "3 Q" instead of "Thank you".

Because I miss and love Q so much and because I want to thank people for visiting my site and I'm just thankful I can share my art this way, I decided to name my store: SanQ Designs.

Hope you enjoy this!

More pics of the kitties tomorrow!

oh, and I apologize for the horrible punctuation in the explanation. I know I've mangled it a lot. Please forgive me!


  1. I think it is absolutely fabulous Marlene. The Q design with the little tail...well that's just perfect. Congratulations on this new venture..

  2. I smiled when I saw the name! The logo look great, and I have ordered stuff from Cafe Press before, so will go an have a look.


  3. We loved to get the explanation. And we'll have a look right now!

  4. That's a great name! SanQ is my next stop after this one. First let me thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing me to We Three, Ginger cats tales. One of the best things I've found in a long time.

  5. Ducky, you are welcome. The prose on that blog is so magical. And of course, the Ginger Darlings are beautiful as well. I'm glad that you enjoy it!