Tuesday, August 25, 2009

9 and Chani at Mom and Dad's

Chani is definitely relaxed here at my parents. She's been rolling on her back and letting me give her belly snorgles. Last night, she and 9 were on their chair (er... my dad's chair). Unfortunately, by time I got my camera, Chani decided to jump down. Ah well...
Now, my mom's computer desk has quite a lot of stuff on it, but there is some clear area behind the computer. 9 is having a great time hopping up and down the desk and the shelf above it, knocking things over, maneuvering around the wooden dolls she has on display. Yes, common words here in the household are: 9! Down! No! Get down! Not that he seems to listen.

At any rate, both 9 and Chani are doing just fine here, enjoying snuggles and food and lots of love.


  1. :-) Yes, indeed... cats eluding cameras. A common occurance at our house, too!

  2. Glad to hear they're enjoying their time at their grandparent's house :-) I laughed at the common words used in your household...hmmm...strangely those exact same words are used here a lot too...and of course, not that anyone listens :-)

  3. Extra love is never a bad thing! Glad they are having fun! xo