Saturday, August 8, 2009


Still no pictures yet. I've been a bit busy and it's been hard to take pictures of 9 and Chani.

Today, they received their latest baths. Found 5 fleas on 9 and only one on Chani. Somehow, I think that the fleas on Chani are smarter, because I found that one right on her face, the dry area. All of 9's fleas were by his back legs. I'm hoping that this latest bath finally takes care of the flea problem. 9 and Chani won't be ready for their Frontline treatment until the 20th.

So, please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Being inspired by Cori of Albert and Elvis fame, here are some baby pics of 9 and Chani.


  1. Cute! I especially like that last picture - of the handsome baby 9. :)

  2. The baby pics are really cute. Thanks!

    Boy, it sounds like you have some pretty insistent and pesky fleas over there! We hope this latest dip really ill do the trick!

  3. These fleas sure are persistent! We think that baby pictures are always okay. What a busy time for you!
    Purrs your way...

  4. Yummmy baby pics! Fingers crossed for you on fleas and move! (Frontline did the trick for my gang... slowly but haven't seen any in quite a while). Sending head butts your way from me and mine.