Sunday, August 9, 2009

Snuggles on a Saturday night and more new friends

Last night, I went out to dinner with my parents and 4 good friends, Emma, Aki, Joe and Heather. (Emma and Aki are married, Joe and Heather are married). After dinner, we all came back to my parents' house so that my mom could show off some of the travel binders that she and my dad put together after one of the many trips that my parents have taken. Mom does all the writing about the history of the place and prints up all the pictures. Dad cuts the pictures out for her. Oh, and we had to have dessert too.

At any rate, Aki is like me. He firmly believes in giving kitties snuggles/snorgles/hugs and kisses whether the kitties would like to be snuggled/snorgled/hugged and kissed or not.

9 getting some love. 9 got a lot of love and attention last night. He really enjoys being the center of attention.

Emma gave 9 love too.

And a little bit of dessert... 9 is really spoiled!!!

Chani did not escape the love, although she did try to run away. However, in the end...

Aki was able to get ahold of her too.

They didn't get loved on the entire night. There was time for some play too.

And just for reference and a distinct comparison to my former apartment, here's a picture of my parents' couch and family room. I look at this image and think: Can you find the humans in this image? There is so much stuff! (From the back: Heather, Joe and Aki, looking at a binder about Japan, I think). I showed this image to Emma exclaiming about the amazing amount of stuff: and she said: It's awesome! She's so right.

Ahhh, it's good to be home :)


  1. Those kitties certainly got their share of snuggles! Excellent!

    Our house is full of stuff too!

  2. How do you make friends and bring people together...kitty snorgles. cute pics!

  3. I agree with both you and Aki...kitties must be hugged/snuggled/kissed/cuddled even if they don't quite agree :)