Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moved out...

Ok, so I'm completely moved out of the apartment. My mom's poor living room is stacked with boxes. So is part of my old room (clothes and bed stuff), the bathroom has a box or two outside of it. The garage has shelves, the dining room table and my deconstructed bed in it.

9 and Chani are at the kennels again getting a second bath because the first flea dip did not get all the blood suckers off of them! I managed to comb off 2 fleas off of 9 and 1 off of Chani last night. But, I think it's for the best that my dear babies get a 2nd bath. Apparently, they were very good when they got their first bath. Chani whined and tried to cling to the bather. But, they were good... unlike my beloved Q who hasn't been to this kennel in about 10 years (he got kicked out for swiping at a passing Vet) and is still remembered. Ah, my darling Q.

Mom and Dad are enjoying having 9 and Chani around. Mom already bought them toys and has given them treats. So has Dad... oh dear, talk about spoiling the grandcats.

I will take some photos soon so you can see the stack of stuff in the living room. I hope my mom doesn't mind!


  1. Let' hope the second flea dip does the trick. Do you use Advantage or something similar on them regularly?

    Ah the joy of having one's life in boxes.... Having moved from Japan to the States and from the States to France in under 4 years, and then having to empty my parents' house in England and shift some of that stuff to France, you have all my sympathy!


  2. Oh poor little 9 and Chani...hope this is their final flea bath and they can be flea-free :)

    I smiled at the thought of your sweet angel Q swiping at the vet and getting kicked out :) My Bino behaves perfectly with our regular vet (I think he's scared of her) but routinely tries to bite any other vet tech or substitute vet that comes along :)