Thursday, August 20, 2009

An All Chani Post

As I've stated, Chani is a bit more skittish that 9. She has certain people she likes (I'm one of them, fortunately) and certain people she 'pretends' to like. My mom is definitely a 9 fan but not much of a Chani fan. My dad laughs how Chani looks at him like she wants to be petted by him, but runs away as soon as he goes to pet her. However, the person in the above picture is Kris. Kris is an old friend and fellow cat lover who Chani willingly will hop up onto the couch and sit next to. Kris didn't want her whole picture posted, just the one where Chani was the center of attention.
Here's a view of Chani from her perch on the tower. I was sitting below her and looking at her through the entry hole. So cute. Love that pink nosie.
And finally, here's the line drawing I uploaded to SanQ Designs. This dog is based on Tommy of The Poupounette fame. I hope I have his approval as well as #1, Tama-chan and Sei-chan! I've named this design after him too (Clothing - Tommy-kun).


  1. I think it absolutely does Tommy justice. Love love love the second picture of Chani. Pink noses rock!

  2. I'll just say ditto to what Cori that pink nose and your drawing of Tommy is PERFECT!

  3. Oooooh ahhhh, what a honour for Tommy! We love the drawing and we're sure they'll all love it too!
    Chani, it's okay to be pickish with people...
    Have a pawsome Friday

  4. P.S.: The ears on the Tommy drawing are so sweet!

  5. Wow! That is quite a birthday present, Marlene! I am honoured and delighted. LOVE IT!

    The pics of Chani are so cute! I wonder if she would snuggle with me?