Friday, March 27, 2009

Of Ear Massages and Laps

Ear massage heaven.  Chani's ears are huge, as I have previously noted.  Whereas she's is generally a major heat machine, her tips of her ears are often a little frosty.  I like to 'massage' them on occasion.  Last night, it was Chris' turn to play personal massuer to the little lady.

Now, from these pictures, can you tell that my two new babies are growing?  Seeing them day in and day out, it's not easy to see their growth.  Some days it's subtle.  Other days, it's kind of shocking.  Today was one day, where I was completely surprised by how big they become.

9: purrrrrrr
Chani:  Don't worry, mom.  I can still fit on your lap, even when 9 fully stretches out


  1. Hehehehehe, that's what we thought! Now, could you kindly ship this Chris over to us?! Here are some frosty lil' ears that need massaging (spelling?) and our other type of human is in London right now...
    Feeling frosty, Siena & Chilly (Hahahaha, of course it's Chilli)

  2. Wow, they have grown quite a bit, especially compared to the picture you had of them on your lap when you first started your blog...gorgeous kitties and I love the markings on Chani's head :)

  3. Chani has beautiful markings. I wasn't quite sure when I first brought her home, but she's really starting to grow into her colors.

  4. Wow, Chani! You have a masseur of your very own! That is so cool!