Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chani's Pink Toes and more

Chani's pink toes are just so cute!  Her toes against her white socks remind me of strawberry ice cream (just like 9's nose against his white fur... so delectable)

However, her pink toes are not her most noticeable feature.  By far, her ears garner more attention.  It's rather cute.  Chani will hide behind a blanket and attempt to stealthily scope the place out.  Unfortunately, her giant ears give her away every time.

Awwww, Little Lady, I'm not making fun of your ears.  I'm complimenting them!  Please don't sulk!

Fine, whatever, human.  When you least expect it, I shall get you!

On a side note, I have to say that despite Chani's lovely ladylike looks, this little girl is one major gas machine.  When she's upset or frightened, she breaks wind like no other. And there are times, when she just needs to let go. The other night, she was sitting on Chris' lap, started purring without him petting her. Chris looked down to see why she was purring since he wasn't doing anything. She stretched and put her arm across her nose. And then the smell hit him. Whoo!

She's also done this to me while I'm at my laptop.  As she's inspecting the screen with her backside pointed directly in my face... Target acquired and BAM!

Yep.  She's a lady all right.


  1. Chani, I am delighted that you would like to be my furriend and join my Silky & Slender Crew!!! You look very cool and it must be fun to hang out with you. My pawpads are pure pink with white socks too!!! There were voices in the comments that us not pure-bred cats might not stay slender come age - we'll teach them! How old are you? I am born in August 08 and was the youngest in the crew so far. And it's well known that the youngest one can get away with the most mischief, hehehehe...
    Purrs, Chilli

    P.S.: About the gas: Did you get a worm tablet recently? Worms can be the cause of gas... Siena had it when she came to us too and it was gone after deworming. Just saying...

  2. Thank you, Chilli! I'm so glad to be a part of your Silky and Slender Crew. I'm about 4 months old right now, though my mom thinks I'm a little younger than that especially since I'm so much smaller than my brofur, 9. I guess that means I was born in December or November of 2008.

    And yes, we'll show them. I fully intend to keep my slender figure (with the help of my protector, Chris, and that running red dot).

    I did get a worm tablet, I think. I'll have to have Mom check. Thank you for letting me know!