Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Couch Blankets

Remember when I said something about needing contrast for taking photos of 9 and Chani? Well, Chris and I have a bunch a blankets on the couch.  They provide warmth (yes, it can get a little chilly in California... I'm in the Bay Area/San Francisco region, not Southern California). Now, the blankets also provide a great contrast for 9's coat and good camouflage for Chani. (The flaming blanket was a gift to Chris and Chani seems to blend in with it very well. )

There's also a red blanket.

Red blanket, blue cushions, blue poncho, slightly less red other blanket...

So, no more complaining from me about lack of contrasting colors for taking kitty photos.


  1. Awwwwwwwwwww

    What a lovely pair of little kittens!!


  2. What is 9 doing to her tail in the red blanket picture? I had a cat that sucked the end of it's tail and it was always stiff from cat saliva at the tip. :P

    Mikey Awesome

  3. 9 is a boy, Mikey Awesome! He's just cleaning his tail and demonstrating his flexibility. :)

  4. I just barely noticed the little kitty head peeking out from under the covers in the first picture. Really freakin' cute.

  5. Yeah, Chani definitely has claimed Chris as hers. He's her protector against 9 when 9 gets too wild.

  6. That Chris looks very comfy! Oh, and the blankies too of course...
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  7. That last picture with Chani cuddled up next to 9 is just priceless...and in the first picture, I didn't even notice Chani's little head until I read Cori's comment...too cute!

  8. hehe, Chani's an under the blanket sort of kitty. And she loves that flame blanket. When I work from home and 9 sleeps in my lap, Chani can be found on that blanket getting her beauty rest.