Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chani and the Springs

Chani doesn't mind playing with the Evil Feather Toy, but by far, her favorite are the little springs her foster mom suggested that I get.  She chases them, bats at them and carries them around in her mouth.
Chani is definitely more agile than 9 which might explain her preference for these toys (9 plays with them, but he's much more apt to attack the feather toy and display his awesome leaping prowess).

Hey Little Lady!  Is that the expression of:  why are you pointing that big black box tube thing at me instead of chastising 9 for stealing my spring?!?!?  Or is it just:  I'm a Lady and I am plotting my revenge on him and you.

* As a side note, when I moved into this apartment with my roommate, we were quite pleased about the neutral carpet and the white walls.  Now that I have two kittens who are essentially neutral colors (especially 9), I'm thinking that a little bit of color would be great for photos!


  1. Love the pose in that last picture! The expression on her face is priceless :)

  2. For real. Last picture=to die for. The little Cleopatra markings at the corner of her eyes suit her perfectly.

  3. She's a silly monkey girl in that first picture! A pretty silly monkey girl!

  4. The floor of our rented appartement is a mixture of grey shades. Apart from that it's hardly fashionable, Siena almost blends in with the floor.

  5. Ah... Siena. I love her tail floof!

    Patti, one of the nicknames my roommate and I have for both is Monkey... climbing monkey, attack monkey... *insert descriptive word* monkey. They are definitely little monkeys.