Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Naming of 9 part 2

A few things I didn't mention about 9's name...

9 is one of my favorite numbers... its square root is 3 which is also a favorite number of mine.

9 is also how many lives cats have (as we all know)

In Japanese, 9 is pronounced "ku" or "kyu", so in a way, it's a tribute to my beloved, Q.

My first degree was in mathematics, so to name him with a number is kind of fun and very much 'me'.  After all, Q was originally  Diff EQ, from differential equations, the class I was taking when I got Q.

A friend asked me if I wound name my next cat, "Pi", being the geek that I am, and I would have used the Greek letter, not the Roman alphabet for his name.  However, that would have been a bit too much like the artist who was formerly known as Prince...

So, there you go, the story of 9's name.


  1. Awww I wanna cuddle him something silly!

    He is a lovely boy :)

    I bet he purrs up a storm when he gets going...

  2. Not only a special tribute to Q, but ingenious as well. Beautiful and clever name, much like the cat I'm sure.

  3. 9 isn't quite... bright. But he's a sweetie and might just be a late bloomer in terms of the cleverness department.

  4. Hi! We read about you in Siena and Chili's blog and wanted to say hello! Nice to meet you!

    Tom and Tama-Chan

  5. The story of your name is very interesting 9! Mom shuddered when she heard the word "mathematics"...
    ; )

  6. 9 is a very lucky boy -- as is Chani!
    Thanks for giving them such a good home!

  7. Oh, and I know Chani is a girl! I just meant she too is lucky -- not a boy!!!

  8. It's always fun to name a new cat, and we enjoyed hearing how you named your 2.

  9. It's also the cat's name in the English cartoon "Frankenstein's Cat." Very cute and funny - you should check it out!