Saturday, June 12, 2010

Little Man is bigger and Mom gets a kitten fix

Hello Everyone! Do you remember Little Man, the pygmy goat? Well, Mom got to visit him today. Boy, has he gotten bigger.

He's still quite the lap goat and Mom sure enjoyed picking him up and giving him cuddles.

Now, I have to confess, Mom sometimes is 'unfaithful' to 9 and myself. We know how much she loves us, but sometimes, she just needs a kitten fix. At Little Man's house, there are 4 kittens who are about 9 weeks old now. Above you see Sweetie. She's the bravest of the siblings and the only one Mom got to cuddle and photograph. The other three kittens, Midnight, Tiger and Oreo, were zonked out under some blackberry bushes. They all received their shots today and were a little groggy. But, not little Sweetie. She put up with Mom picking her up, cooing at her and using the flashy box on her.

Now, Mom is back with us and giving us love. Sigh... she's sooo unfaithful hehe


  1. You are so nice to share your Mom with a kitten that needed cuddles after its first shots!

  2. So long as mum comes back to give you love then its ok fr her to get and give cuddles to others.. Hugs GJ xx

  3. Sounds like you mom has enough love for everyone.