Friday, May 21, 2010

Mom's home! We're home!

Happy dance!!! We are all back home in our condo. On the way home from the Kitty Hotel, Chani just would not stop talking! She had so much to tell Mom about our time in the Kitty Hotel. Apparently, I headbutted Tami, the owner. Mom was shocked and slightly appalled because I never head butt her hehehe... though I gave her a mini one when she started to brush me. Still, this is something I reserve for certain people, just not Mom. I mean, after all, I sleep with Mom and keep her company when she works from home! How much more can she ask of me?

Mom says that she will start taking pictures of us and our condo again. She still has to put the guest room together AND get more boxes out of storage. Sheesh! How much stuff can one bean have?

Anyhow, we're going to enjoy our time with Mom this weekend and then start bugging her to take photos of us again.

purrs to everyone!!!


  1. Welcome Home! Love all of the pictures!!

  2. We are glad to hear that your mum is back home safely :)

    * looking forward to hear more stories about her trip :)


  3. WE know you are excited to have Mom back and be in your own home!

  4. Did you like your hotel? Were there lots of doggies there? I have a kitty sitter when Mom goes away. Mom enjoyed your trip to Ireland.
    Cat Mandu

  5. Cat Mandu, our hotel is kitties only. So, life was very good for us there even though we were stressed and hissing when we first got there. Too many new smells.

    Glad your Mom enjoyed our Mom's trip to Ireland! She enjoyed it too =^.^=