Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well, not so much really.

Mom moved Chani and me to the condo place on Saturday. We spent most of the time hiding under the headboard of her bed. After a few hours, we explored some of the tools that Phil (Little Man's dad) left behind, but didn't really relax. And I did wake up Mom the next morning.

The next day was full of loud noises and more hiding by us. And there was this strange little intruder who kept making these little bleating noises and Mom kept cooing over. Mom brought Chani over to meet Little Man, but Chani just ignored him. Note from Marlene: Yes, that was Little Man. Phil brought him over because he's so young and needed to be taken care of while Phil finished installing my stove and dishwasher. Little Man busied himself with walking around, chewing on plastic and shelf liners... He's so cute!

AND THEN, to top off all the other stresses, another introoder came over and spent the night with us! I made sure to check her out and hiss at her a few times, but she ignored me. That kitty introoder hid where Chani and I hid at night. So, we stayed out of the room. I slept on the couch and Chani slept on her tower. Can you believe that that kitty had the audacity to growl at me the next morning? Note from Marlene 2: the second kitty is Chiyo who belongs to my good friends Emma and Aki. They asked me to watch Chiyo for the night for certain reasons. So, I couldn't say "no". There were no altercations between the cats, but there were a few hisses and growls.

Well, fortunately, that kitty left Monday night. Now, we're slowly taking over the house and making it ours. It's pretty good here. Chani and I are having fun doing some THoE and digging through boxes Mom has half unpacked. Although we didn't sleep with Mom last night, we did keep her company in the morning. And earlier, we had a great time snuggling with her on the couch.

Mom did take some photos of us and will post them later. Right now, she has to put together a pantry.


  1. New things are always pretty scary, but not too worry, it will all be fine!

  2. Congrats on finally moving into your new house! Although it's somewhat unnerving (especially with other kitty guests about), I think you'll quickly settle in. If you're playing THoE, then things are all right already!

    By the way, if you like Domino's pink dress (it's actually a "Hello Kitty" dress with a pink hood) -- I got it on eBay. I buy size M dog dresses for her, and she weighs about 6.5 lbs.

    I also found this Oriental dress which might be nice for Chani. Here's the link:

    Here's the link for one of the "Hello Kitty" dresses: http://cgi.ebay.com/Pet-Dog-Apparel-Clothes-KITTY-PINK-Dress-A37-M-/220592130826?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item335c50cb0a

    Hope this helps.

  3. Thank you, Wendy!!! Oh my goodness, I cannot wait!

  4. :-) You will take over in no time. Be sure to tell mom that not sleeping with her is not a punishment... you just made best use of all that quiet time!

  5. YOu will feel at home in no time! You can put your smell and furs on every thing! Have fun.

  6. Moves are always traumatic but it sounds like you did really well, especially considering the presence of Litlte Man and Chiyo that first day! We hope you really enjoy your new condo!

    Woofs and Purrs,
    Tommy and The Chans

  7. That's terrific that everyone got moved safe and sound! Soon you will all feel very comfortable with it and it will feel like home!