Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Dwindling Box Jungle part 1

Yes, I know, more of me and no Chani photos. But, it's more about the Box Jungle right now... There's some serious slash and burning going on here. Not literally, but you get the meaning.

More stuff disappearing...

I have to make sure the most important items are still here... Our food!!! hehe


  1. It is slowly going away. I'll bet you find a lot of it at the Condo this weekend!

  2. The box jungle IS shrinking! Impressive. Good luck with the move! We did it one Trader Joe's paper bag of stuff at a time when we moved from an apartment to our house. Not the fastest way, but worth the money we saved :)

  3. congratualtions on your move and making progress!! 4 months later and i still have boxes...

    do you have a real harp?!