Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Box Jungle

This is the box jungle that Chani and I have been exploring since last August. Originally, it wasn't this messy, but Mom apparently needed "stuff" and opened a few boxes up.

Another view of it... poor Grandma. She really missed having a CLEAN living room hehe.

BUT, I sure appreciated all the ins and outs. So did Chani.


  1. Holy Nip, the Box Jungle sure looks like fun. But it will be even better fun to get to the new home and explore everything there.

  2. Ha!! What a wonderful jungle you have there 9!! I can see why you and Chani love it. Too bad mom will be dismantling it as you move into your new condo. That'll be a different kind of fun!

  3. Look at all the hiding places. We bet it was fun playing in it!