Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A belated Happy Easter

This Easter, Mom was out of the house a lot. She went to two Easter Parties! Can you believe it? Well, we know she had a good time. The most important party was at the wood kiln where there was a new friend.

Everyone, meet Little Man!

Little Man is a pygmy goat who was only 14 days old when Mom met him.

That's his Daddy, Phil, who is holding him.

Phil likes to feed Little Man with a bottle. Little Man was trained to drink from a cup but Phil prefers bottles.

Here he is by the fireplace. He's soo tiny!
Scratching his ear. He's got pretty amazing balance for a 2 week old, don't you think?

Post milk yummy time :)

Now, we know that you want to see us, so here's a photo of Chani and me on the brown tower. I do this a lot. Mom thinks I'm communing with Ceiling Cat or the Great Cat. I'm just praying that the condo thing gets done soon. Our box jungle is slowly diminishing and Chani gets a little freaked out.

But, Mom says things are moving along quite nicely and soon we will have a new place to be in! She promises to load photos of the box jungle soon.

Hope you're all having a happy Tuesday!


  1. Little Man is Mega-Cute!

    We hope you guys are settled into your new condo soon! But we have a feeling your Grandma and Grandpa are going to miss you!

  2. Little Man is cute!

    * have a nice day *

  3. Oh Little Man is just too cute! What a face...must be so much fun to have this little guy around!

    Love the photo of 9 staring at the ceiling and Chani looking at you like "Dude, don't look at me...I have no idea what he's doing!" Our Bino stares at walls quite often...I always assume he's getting instructions from the mother-ship...

  4. OMG. You must steal that wittle baby goat, ASAP. 9 and Chani need a little bubba to snuggle with.

  5. What a cutie! Thanks for introducing us to Little Man!

    And Chani, chill sweetie... you'll be in your new home before you know it! :-)

  6. Adorable! Love that the baby goat still has a beard.

    Box jungle in flux? Yep, we know all about that right now. Hang in there, kitties.