Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mom's a slacker!

Hi Everyone. 9 here. Mom has been seriously slacking in the blogging department. She is constantly muttering something about needing more time and why did she procrastinate. Then, she heads out to the patio where Chani and I are forbidden from entering and stays out there for an unseemly amount of time. When she comes back inside, she's got clay all over her pants and shirt. The dust she trails in makes me sneeze!

Eggcups made for a friend. Behind are all the bowls she's been making... Mom's not too happy with the shape of the eggcups, but our friend is happy with them, so Mom is happy.

Well, at least she sat down in Grandpa's chair this afternoon on a break so I could snuggle with her. Chani got to snuggle with her later in the evening.

Honestly, I don't know what has gotten into Mom...

Hi all, Marlene here. Well, I have a pottery sale coming up on December 12 and 13th. Of course, I waited til the last minute in getting everything made. I'm just barely going to make the last glaze firing before the sale (if I'm lucky enough! Darn the cold weather making everything take forever to dry!).

Some of you may remember my CafePress site (which I haven't updated with new designs in a while. Another bad me moment hehe). At any rate, I decided to have the Cat design and the Angel design made into clay stamps so I could make some clay pendants with them... or use them as decorative accents for some bowls. In the next few days, I'll be making some pendants out of Precious Metal Clay and I'll show you what those look like after I fire them.

The stamps

And if you want, you can check out my clay blog, Spinning the Clay Fantastic. I'll be showing some of I've been making for my sale there.


  1. It looks like your Mom's slacking has only been in the cuddles department!

    Hope you get everything done in time for the sale, Marlene!

  2. I think your mum has been very busy.. Iam sure she will make up for the missed cuddles soon.. HUgs GJ xx

  3. We don't think your mom is a slacker, just very much bubbling over with ideas and projects. So much to do and so little time! We hope she get's everything ready just in time for the sale.

  4. WOW WOW WOW. You are one busy bee. I love the cat stamp AND the cat snuggles. ;op

    Ummm..don't know what to make of this but my word verification was blubasac. I did not eat that much at Thanksgiving. Humph!

  5. What Cat with a Garden said! You're just too creative, dear!

    Can't wait to see the new stuff! Just a thought... put a link to the clay blog in your sidebar, so your somewhat sidetracked friends can easily pop over!

    Oh, and egg cups. Did I mention I need egg cups?? Seriously! I love soft boiled eggs and never make them for lack of an appropriate vessel.

  6. It arrived! Siena's drawing just arrived. It's so beautiful! Mom has it sitting on her working desk right now, gazing dreamingly at it over the rim of the computer. And the frame is dead cool, very moderncat! We love it. Many thanks and nosekissies from us.
    Proud Siena, Chilli and happy mom

  7. I peeked over at your other blog and WOW! Your stuff's amazing :) I love the teapots and the kitty sculptures and the tree woman and...and...and...very cool stuff!

  8. Poor kitties are being abandoned!! Bad Marlene, BAD!!!!

    Btw, got some good picks of The Princess under the Christmas Tree. I'll e-mail them once Mak puts them on the computer. Whenever that might be. /khif