Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What 9 may look like in a few years

This past weekend, I was asked to take care of a friend's 3 cats, Sharmi, Killi and Kaze. I didn't get any pictures of Sharmi and Killi, but Kaze was more than happy to pose for me. Isn't the heart on his side adorable?

He came out to meet me and let me pet him, cuddle with him and of course, take pictures of him. His coat was a lot lighter when he was younger and he's gotten darker and darker as he's grown up. I think 9 might look a lot like him when 9 grows up.

Kaze is short for Kamikaze because he was quite the little acrobat and zoomie kitty when he was a kitten. He does tend to annoy his older sisters, but those beautiful blue eyes just need to flash at you, and you melt. Kaze is such a sweetie!


  1. Kaze (or is it KK?) is a very handsome mancat! We are impressed!

    And #1 would like to tell Marlene that we would LOVE to have the original of the Tama-Chan sketch! She can be contacted directly via email at tama-chan at ikkyu dot biz

  2. Yep, Kaze is a very handsome Mancat. It will be fun to see how 9's colouring will develope...

  3. Kaze is lovely and I love that heart on his side.. Hugs GJ x

  4. Kaze is so beautiful. I love the heart. It is so distinctive!